About Me


Straker Functional Fitness was founded by renowned Functional Fitness Specialist, Jason Straker, after a long immersion in the health and fitness industry, practicing as a personal trainer at a wellknown Commercial gym. During his 13 years in the health and wellness industry, Sole Proprietor and Functional Fitness Specialist, Jason Straker has developed his passion for health and wellness, physical fitness, mental agility and overall wellbeing.

Jason is certified by the International College of Kinesis as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Practitioner and Exercise Scientist with a wealth of expertise ranging from Nutrition, Physiology, Injury management, Exercise Psychology, Body Conditioning, Strength and Flexibility training, Biomechanical Principles, Cardiorespiratory techniques, Functional Fitness, Plyometrics and has spent over more than the last decade mastering his trade.

Jason combines his immense qualifications, ongoing knowledge and sterling expertise in the field to create the fitness revolution that is: Straker Functional Fitness.

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