Straker Functional Fitness is an exclusive exercise studio and gym based in Sandton, Gauteng. Jason Straker is a functional movement specialist and head coach and will optimise your workouts to achieve your health and wellness goals. He has a vast knowledge of exercise physiology and biomechanics as well as strength and conditioning.


He uses efficient movements and techniques to achieve your physical goals, whether you want to finish a triathlon, shed a few pounds or just live as healthy and long as possible.

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Functional fitness training refers to movements that assist with either common daily activities, work or a specific sport. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness training also emphasizes on core strength and stability.


We offer personalised one on one training sessions, small group classes, as well as Skype training sessions. Our exclusive training sessions are by appointment only.

Fitness & Personal Training Services

Strength & conditioning workouts

Injury prevention & rehab

Assess your areas of strength and weakness

Physical and mental well being

Workout a custom plan to help you reach your goals

Intense short term training sessions

Or a continual lifestyle maintenance plan

Kettle Bell

Benefits of Functional Fitness

Improves core strength

Improves posture, flexibility & co-ordination

Improves muscular balance

Increases strength & endurance

Optimises movement

Suitable for people of all ages

Relieves stress

Burns fat